Human-enhanced, time-aware multimedia search

Project Description

CUbRIK is a 36-month Collaborative Project involving 15 partners, partially funded by the European Commission. It will provide programmable pipelines implementing workflow for search-based processes coordinated across machine, human and crowd-sourced tasks for the three typical processes of multimedia search: content, query and relevance feedback processing. The final result of the project will be an open platform for multimedia search practitioners, researchers and end-users, on top of which applications can be built. To demonstrate the added value of the CUbRIK platform, two vertical applications are developed for two domains of practice: Social Fashion Trend Intelligence and History of Europe. EIPCM leads the development of CUbRIK applications as Applications Director.


Social Fashion Trend Intelligence

Selected Publications

Novak et al. (2014):  histoGraph – A Visualization Tool for Collaborative Analysis of Historical Social Networks from Multimedia Collections.
Galli et al. (2012): A Draw-and-Guess Game to Segment Images.
Fraternali et al. (2012): The CUBRIK project: human-enhanced time-aware multimedia search.

Project Partners

Funding organizations

CUbRIK is a 36-month Collaborative Project, partially funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework ICT Programme for Research and Technological Development, EU FP7 Grant agreement no: 287704.

Project Context

Social Computing

Project duration: 2011 – 2014

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