CUbRIK Social Fashion Trend Intelligence

Fashion trend analysis tools for SMEs

Project Description

CUbRIK is a 36 month Collaborative Project involving 15 partners, partially funded by the European Commission. The Social Fashion Trend Intelligence application is one of two application demonstrators of the CUbRIK project. Integrating machine, human and crowd-sourced tasks, the application provides fashion trend analysis tools for small and medium businesses in the fashion industry, enabling them to identify insights into consumer preferences and behaviour. Trends are analysed over time based on user generated multi-media content from social networks like Twitter or Youtube, using a combined method of automatic processes as well as crowdsourcing to identify e.g. color and pattern trends. EIPCM leads the development of CUbRIK applications as Applications Director.

Project Partners

Funding organizations

CUbRIK is a 36-month Collaborative Project, partially funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework ICT Programme for Research and Technological Development, EU FP7 Grant agreement no: 287704.

Project Context

Social ComputingKnowledge VisualizationOpen Innovation

Project duration: 2011 – 2014

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