Project Description

The CUbRIK Fashion application provides new, affordable means of trend analysis of current consumer preferences in the fashion domain based on social network posts. Targeting small and medium fashion enterprises, one of the analysis functionalities enables the SMEs to upload photos of their own product line and perform a “similarity check”. It asses the product’s popularity by comparing it with photos of clothes shared by the social network users. To extend and support the validity of the trend analysis, which is based on an approximate automatic visual investigation, crowdsourcing is applied. To appeal not only to regular clickworkers but also to a more fashion-oriented crowd, e. g. the SME’s customers, a gamified approach was chosen and realized in a mobile crowdsourcing application called SimRackMobile. With the app, workers solve microtasks, in which they “drag&drop” fashion photos from social network posts they find similar to the reference photo onto a virtual clothing rack, thus bringing human judgment into the analysis loop. A first prototype has been developed to find out whether such tasks can effectively be solved on a mobile device.

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